HE KNOWS ME - 2015

We all come from unique beginnings. Not one of us had a choice about what family we would be born into, where in the world we would be born, when we would be born, or what gender or race we would be, all these things were the creator’s choice. In every situation you are going through, always remember the creator is with you and he loves you. He has given us our past and put dreams in our hearts for a very special purpose. Our greatest struggles may become our greatest gifts to this world. You are here on earth for a purpose. God knows you

ISAIAH 49: 15-16


1. God is Love
2. He knows me
3. I want to please you
4. You are the same
5. Set me free
6. Afrika
7. I am a soldier
8. Ndumurundi
9. One God, One blood, One humanity
10. Step on the enemy
11. Time will come

Album Info

I want to take this opportunity to thank God who has helped achieve this project. Thank you Lord for allowing me to share your word in this way. The content of this album has been a blessing in my life, I hope and pray that God may use it to inspire and bless as many people as possible around the world. I'd like to also thank from the bottom of my heart every person who contributed in any way to the production of this album. A big thank you to my wife Cynthia Namahoro, Rollande, my sister Chantal Vyizigiro and to Odoh Diego Okenyodo and the iRecord team. More special thanks to all musicians and singers Apollinaire, Arsene, Fabrice, Christian Kibamba, Shadrak, Lievin, Bill, Dieudonne, Tite, Benis, Elkana, Lionel, Claude, Epitas, Kim, Vestine, Gloria, Jojo,Rebecca, Kelly, Chance, Mimi and Parfaite. Thank you guys for your contribution, May God bless you. Thanks to Bachir Dia the engineer, working with you has been wonderful, much Love and respect